This site is free for everyone to read, and I hope it’s worth every penny. I plan to keep this material free. However, if you appreciate what I do, you might wish to support my work. Here are some ideas:

Please consider purchasing a copy, or a few hundred copies, of my book The Nature of Software Development. And please, if you can, purchase from the Pragmatic Bookshelf. Why? Because the book is deeply discounted on Amazon and other resellers, and I get a only fraction of the royalty I get from Prag. Pardon my venality, but this is the Support page, after all.

For direct ongoing chats with me and other people interested in Agile Software Development, please consider subscribing to our Slack group at The monthly fee is low, and if you can’t afford it, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. The group discusses a wide range of Agile-related topics, including conferences, agile “transformations”, scaling, coaching, and more.

By appointment, you could drop by the BAR1 and put currency on the table until I look up. The upside of this is you get higher bandwidth and more attention to your concerns. But be aware, I like to stop work at noon, so arrive early.

If you just wanted to throw money at me2, there are options. I’m on PayPal as, and on$RonJeffries. Or you can find me at Dwolla, but you’ll need an account with Dwolla or Square to do that, I think.

Or, hey, drop me a note saying thanks, or tweet at me. It’s all good.

Seriously, though, if you value what I do and would like to give back, one of the methods above may work for you, and I’ll certainly be grateful. Thanks!

  1. Brighton (Michigan) Agile Roundtable, the table at Barnes&Noble where my posseXXXXX followersXXXXXXXXX colleagues and I sit when we’re in town and hanging out.

  2. Highly recommended, of course, but some of the other methods here may offer higher return value.