I’ll record here short notes on things that I may choose to write more about in the future, on social topics. I plan to update it from time to time, and to change the date, sometimes.

Conservatives FEAR Change

I think that despite anything they might say to the contrary, including their very common aggression, conservatives literally fear change. There are probably two groups. The ones near the top fear that they’ll no longer be at the top after whatever change they fear. The surprising number of conservatives near the bottom must fear that they’ll fall even lower as those they perceive as below them become more powerful. These fears are of course similar, but they often manifest differently.

Is it fair to think that conservatism is pessimism and liberalism is optimism? It might be. Explore.

Human, Normal, OK, Not OK

We are learning, slowly, what is human, normal, and OK. We need to recognize that not everyone is as far along that curve as others … and that somewhere out on the end of that curve are places we do not wish ever to go.

It is human, normal, and OK …

  • to be black, white, yellow, brown
  • to be straight, gay, bi, ambi, a, or any other kind of -sexual
  • to know that your body does not match your spirit
  • to change your body to better match your spirit
  • to support others who are similar to you and help them along

It is Not OK

  • to harm others
  • to force your style onto others
  • to groom vulnerable others into your circle

In particular, children and other individuals in their formative stages ought not be guided into or out of any particular circle. They should be guided to learn that all the circles are OK, and to learn which behaviors are OK … and which ones are not.

Humans can consciously improve their species

Most species evolve very slowly, as they are limited by their genes. Some species can learn as individuals and groups, and evolve new behaviors which are then passed on to future generations by teaching.

Humans seem to be the most capable of this. We have more forms of learning and teaching. And we can think about “morality” and we can improve our understanding and our behavior as we grow in intelligence and capability.

We are not limited by the number of food animals in the distance we can walk. We do not have to conquer the tribe next door so as to have enough food. We have the ability to change the world so that there is more than enough good for everyone.

We have to learn how to do it. Quite likely having a thousand times as much, ten thousand times as much, in one set of hands than in the hands of others … quite likely that is not the way to do it.