This is my response to a blog entry on the Agile Alliance site

Heidi, I do not find this satisfactory. I admire your courage, and I am sure that all do. You have my admiration and support.

However, I’m left with at least two major concerns.

First, it seems as if you are subtly suggesting that other concerned people just “be brave” and put themselves at risk in Florida. I believe that most of our associates on the LGBTQ+ side are already brave, just by living the lives they have every right to live, in the face of those who would deprive them of justice and safety. It is not unreasonable to think that going to Florida is beyond brave, into reckless. I would not want to have encouraged someone to be brave and then have them have a bad experience upon coming to the conference.

Second, although I understand that it would have been difficult, financially and otherwise, I wish the Alliance had withdrawn from Florida, moving the conference elsewhere. That would have been a much stronger gesture toward solidarity than implicitly asking people to be brave.

This whole thing tells us about the Alliance, and in my view, what it tells us is not good. I wish the Alliance would do better, and urge you and the rest of the board to see to it. I’ll be posting this note on my web site as well as here.

Hopeful regards,

Ron Jeffries
Author, one of many: Agile Manifesto