Python Space Invaders on GitHub

Further setup for the record. PyCharm pleases me.


I’ve done Invaders before, in Codea Lua, starting here.

Note especially this excellent video from Mary Rose Cook, where she implements Space Invaders live, during a 30 minute talk. It’s quite good.

Git, README, GitHub

To [set up Git on an existing project(], I just pull the menu VCS/Enable VCS Integration and select Git. PyCharm reports that it has done the thing and all my files turn red in the tree. Time to commit, I imagine: first commit.

I select all the files. I hope that’s right.

Let’s create a and then hook up to github.

## Python Space Invaders

This is a "replica" of the original Space Invaders program, built incrementally in Python, in Ron Jeffries' inimitable style. And who would want to imitate his style anyway?

Further detail may be provided in due course.

And to share on GitHub, you just do menu Git / GitHub / Share Project on Github.

I love PyCharm! Those jetbrains folks are wonderful!

Next time, some actual work!