Mike Vizdos and I have started a new Slack team for professionals, agilementoring. You can read about it on agilementoring.com or implementingscrum.com. The idea is to bring together a group of people who are actively interested in Agile, Scrum, XP, even scaled Agile, and to discuss the things that matter to them and to us. In this group, you’ll have access to Mike and to me, and equally importantly to each other, as we all think together about the many and varied events and ideas we encounter.

Yes, there is a small charge to belong to this group. Presently it is $47 a month, the “early adopter” fee. We do expect the fee to go up soon, as the group size grows. We can also make arrangements for your whole organization to join if you wish.

Why is there a fee? Here are a few thoughts. Some of you might actually like to support my work a bit: I know at least one person who would. In terms of value to you, you’ll have daily access to Mike and to me, as we join in the conversation, guide it, ask pointed questions, and so on. There will be no other group where you can get that close and immediate attention.

Plus, as the team grows, we’ll be adding special material, available only through the group, or with early access through the group, including some videos and articles. We’ll do whatever we can to keep the value high for the members. The members themselves will also want to keep the value high. This is a place to engage, not just lurk, though lurking is certainly possible. We think you’ll get the highest value by joining the conversation.

I can think of many months in my life where I’d have gladly paid someone $47 just to say “There, there, Ron”. Mike and I will go far beyond that! We’ll offer encouragement, ideas, links to valuable material, and possibly even a kick in the pants if you need one.

So please check out agilementoring.com and give the group a try. Thanks!