I’m writing a thing for GitHub Pages, so I decided to write a thing for GitHub Pages. Yaks all the way down!

I’ve been wanting to really use Scrivener for quite some time. It’s a very powerful and interesting writing application. I was going to use it for Nature but had to use Pragmatic Bookshelf’s in-house system instead. I’ve never used Scrivener quite enough to feel I had given it a fair chance, as it’s incredibly complicated but very powerful and mostly quite elegant.

I happen to be writing a couple of things that may see publication some day, using Scrivener. One of them, I decided to host on GitHub Pages. So I needed to figure out whether, and how, one could smoothly go from Scrivener to GitHub pages.

Then, recursively, I decided to use Scrivener to write up how to use Scrivener to use GitHub Pages and to publish the result on GitHub Pages.

Here it is. If you find it interesting or useful, please let me know. If you have gentle feedback, please let me know. If you hate it or find it useless, well, bugger off, OK?