Countdown1 to … what, exactly? Let’s check the yellow sticky notes. Time for a break from Dungeon?

We could work more on placement of things in the Dungeon, but as you can imagine, now that I’ve cracked how to do it, and fairly well if I do say so myself, I am not so interested in the tedium of doing the rest. We already have a decent way of placing monsters, and I am inclined to reduce the use of naked Loots to zero or near zero, and I certainly do not intend to carefully allocate things into any dungeon, unless I decide to populate the Learning Level.

I’ve reviewed my current list of Dungeon sticky notes. I’ll list them as an appendix to this article, but frankly none of them seem interesting to me. I’m sure that if I feel the need to something to refactor, I can find some code in need of it here. But unless someone comes up with a good reason to do something in here, maybe we’re done with Dungeon, at least for now.

So now I need a new idea for something to work on. Let me know if you have an idea …

Appendix: Current Stickies

In what follows, √ means I think it has been done or at least worked on, and ? is generally part of the story,

  • Smaller Rock Icon?
  • TileArbiter needs more tests for entry
  • General review of Loot, Decor, Chest √
  • Does Chest need more tests? √
  • Should TileArbiter require all residents to allow, not just one?
  • actionWith should be actionWithPlayer
  • Room has a runner.
  • Start Dungeon over? Spike? √
  • Deal with missing InventoryItem kind in Loot
  • Amulet of catPersuasion doesn’t show up well.
  • Lever can still block door
  • Lever publish: remove table? ?
  • Better control over placing DungeonObjects √
  • Loot able to create all items? by name?
  • Loot should create item on init, use it to display?
  • Loot needs a nothing item?
  • Nothing loot should not exist -> nil
  • NPC Gift (she promises one, does not deliver)
  • Scoped Bus √
  • Tile: remove Door stuff
  • Tile: or do Doors well.
  • DCCollection unsubscribe is weird. (but OK?) √

Nothing here interests me. If something interests you, let me know …

  1. Number 321. Countdown. Get it?