These are books I’ve read and am reading and that I enjoyed enough to suggest them to you.

Joy, Inc is Rich Sheridan’s book about his company, Menlo, perhaps the most interesting “Agile Software Development” company in the world. His company embodies many of the aspirations we had for Agile in the beginning. There are things here to surprise you, to shock you, and, if you’re like me, to make you want to work there.

Ursula K Le Guin is a well-known science fiction author who has been around as long as I have, which is a long time indeed. I had never read any of her non-fiction essays until now. Topics range over reading and writing, of course, but much much more. Articles include About Feet and Dogs, Cats, and Dancers, which begins “Dogs don’t know what they look like. Dogs don’t even know what size they are. No doubt it’s our fault …”.

I’m in the middle of Greg Bear’s War Dogs, which tells the story of the “Skyrines” who are fighting on Mars. The Earth has been visited by “The Gurus”, a space-traveling race who have brought many good things, but who then revealed that they are being hounded by another race. They need our help. I’m not sure where it’s going, but it’s an interesting tale, told by one confused Skyrine.