(Apr 14, 2023)
Rightly called on my B.S., I strive to improve by running some timing tests on this tiny patch of code.
(Apr 13, 2023)
I'll point you to a fairly famous anti-clean-code video screed, comment on that, and explore the efficiency, or lack of it, in our little billiards program. I notice something surprising. And something important.
(Apr 10, 2023)
Rotation of vectors isn't second nature to most folks. Let's describe how my little Python billiard ball reflection program works.
(Apr 9, 2023)
Today let's review the code and improve it a bit. I think PyCharm can help with that. Same refactoring, four times!
(Apr 8, 2023)
For the next day or two, I'm going to do a little exercise on the game of billiards. Very simplified, of course.