(Nov 28, 2021)
I have a mad scheme for making an object move using applyForce and momentum. (Arrgh, results suggest that we need to file a bug report.)
(Nov 27, 2021)
An experiment by Dave1707 inspires Ron to figure out what's really going on with applyForce. Will he succeed? The answer may not surprise you.
(Nov 26, 2021)
Ooo, an accidental play on words. We're going to change our cube's direction, but also the direction of these articles.
(Nov 24, 2021)
We've learned how to move things using code. It turns out that Codea can handle moving them for us, for fun and profit.
(Nov 23, 2021)
I think we need to learn about Craft physics so that we can tutorialize something about it. This turns out to be a bit of fun.
(Nov 21, 2021)
Here's how you really do that. An improved design for our entities.
(Nov 20, 2021)
A couple of new entities lead to a design concern.
(Nov 19, 2021)
In this tutorial, we'll make our cube move around the 3D volume a bit, then improve how it looks. And we'll improve how we look at it.
(Nov 18, 2021)
Converging on a plan, I decide to do a series of tutorials. Herein, an explanation of what I mean and intend, and the first one.
(Nov 16, 2021)
I'm setting out to learn, again, about Codea's 'Craft' capability, its 3D voxel-based facilities. Today, I'll talk about my reasons, ambitions, and look at some code.