(Nov 8, 2023)
GeePaw Hill and I both noticed something odd about the Wordle words. Is it an inherent property of the game, chance, or intelligent design? Spoiler: It's neither!
(Nov 5, 2023)
Herein, some comments on what I've learned playing with Wordle.
(Nov 4, 2023)
I've thought of a streamlined way to get the expected information values from the file data, and want to try another shot at parallelism.
(Nov 3, 2023)
I can't explain why, but I've decided it will be interesting to try the information theory ideas I've found on line.
(Nov 2, 2023)
Convinced that I can't make generating the SolutionDictionary fast enough, I'll explore pickling it.
(Nov 1, 2023)
I think yesterday we were limited by pickling. Who knew? First try: Debacle. Second try: Can't work, don't even try.
(Oct 31, 2023)
Today I want to try something new: concurrency. Includes: Thrilling Video.
(Oct 30, 2023)
I'm struggling to keep the shape of the solutions dictionary in my mind. Therefore I need something simpler.
(Oct 30, 2023)
Let's save some test time by saving some data. And let's look at the data to see what we can learn naively. Spoiler: I quickly ditch the caching idea.
(Oct 28, 2023)
I'm having trouble coming up with a real plan here. And I think I've squeezed everything I can out of `score`. I borrow an idea from GeePaw Hill.
(Oct 27, 2023)
I suspect there's a mistake in my scoring. We do some timing. We struggle for an idea. We resort to some bit twiddling. Do not read, that's my suggestion.
(Oct 27, 2023)
Trying to do 300 billion operations makes me think I should take a new angle. I need a better idea, or a computer that is 1000 times as fast as this one. A better idea may be possible ...
(Oct 26, 2023)
A bit of study tells me that my scoring algorithm is wrong, although there seems to be some debate about it. Then I have to figure out what to do next. I burn an hour of CPU time.
(Oct 25, 2023)
Our Tuesday evening Friday Geeks Night Out Zoom Ensemble is getting sucked into Ken Pugh's work with Wordle. I have caught the virus and am going to start a new Python project.