To paraphrase Red Green, if the audience doesn't find you informative, they should at least find you entertaining. Chet and I addressed the XP West Michigan group recently, and here's an article from the Grand Rapids Business Journal that resulted.

XP West Michigan

It’s my practice to address user groups within range on a “pro bono” basis. Within range generally means Ann Arbor, Detroit, South Bend, and now Grand Rapids”: a few hours’ drive is the guideline. I’m also happy to drop in on groups in other locations if I’m on a gig there, as I did not too long ago in San Francisco. I have even addressed a couple of SPIN groups, one in Detroit, and one in Omaha. If a group was able to spring for travel expenses, I guess I’d go most anywhere.

When the meeting is in range, I like to take Chet Hendrickson along. It gives me someone to talk with on the drive, he knows XP very well, and he and I do make for an entertaining as well as – we like to think – informative evening. People have sat in crowded rooms and watched us pair program for as long as 90 minutes, which definitely surprised me. We were afraid they would pull their own heads off to get out of the room. (We do talk and explain what we’re doing as we go, which makes it all a bit more interesting.)

The Grand Rapids Business Journal reporter, Daniel Schoonmaker, attended the meeting and based on the article posted here with permission, did one of the best jobs I’ve seen of reporting on an XP talk. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

And we hope to see you soon!