People work together to get what they want. One thing that everyone wants in one form or another is knowledge. How can we share knowledge about XP?


Sharing knowledge about XP is essential. However, other desires are not met. People want other things besides how to do XP such as:

  • Where to do XP?
  • With whom shall I XP?
  • What shall I construct with XP?

What People Want

  • Programmers and Coaches want to know about XP teams using XP.
  • Everyone wants to be the best XP team member possible; programmer, tester, coach, customer, tracker, or some other role.
  • Companies want to help XP Programmers and Coaches find their XP company projects.
  • Customers want to find good companies doing XP to serve them.
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Here is an explanation of the above items. What people want is knowledge and the knowledge is not static. Companies and people come, go, and change their minds about embracing XP. Companies are composed of people. Potential employees are people. We can help people know about each other. Worried about sharing information and getting known? Do not be. Obscurity is death for a company; it’s death for people.

Sharing what company projects are doing XP not only serves potential employees, but also employers. Companies like to be in a position where they are known, observed, and praised for following best practices such as XP. When people approach a company, the company can choose whether or not they need another employee. By people knowing about each other, opportunities can be presented and accepted or rejected as appropriate. The alternative is silence. Silence in the business and technical worlds serves no one. Customers also want to know what companies are doing XP. Companies want customers to seek them out.

Now that we have established that people will know each other, we move on to learning and relearning XP. Owning the XP process requires dynamic responses to situations and requires different approaches. Extreme Programming Group members can ask each other for ideas. Ideas about being the best programmer, tester, customer and so on can be shared. Everyone wants to do the best job they can in the role they have accepted. We will share information to ensure we are doing and living our best.

What Do We Want to Know About Companies using XP?

  1. What companies are doing XP and to what extent?
  2. Which practices are done by which company projects?
  3. How long has a company used XP?
  4. What is it like to work in project X in company Y?


  1. Information is dynamic and we need people to share what they know to help themselves get what they want.
  2. Company Technical Recruiters and Hiring Managers need their company known. People will not approach your company if they do not know about it. Your company does not need more employees now? It will. Employees come and go. Help your company be known.
  3. Programmers, Testers, Trackers, and Coaches need to know what XP companies are available. You already have an XP job? Great! Where is the next one when this XP job comes to an end? How will you know about an XP job that fits you better? Remember that companies and their projects come, go, and change their minds about XP. Have a backup plan. Have a backup project to go to. Learn about where you may be able to serve another company and yourself better.

Tools to Guide and Assist


This all comes down to making and maintaining XP resources of information for people to refer to and participate in. Hopefully, it is another step toward heaven on earth. – Michael Finney