Chet and I got together at Borders in Brighton yesterday, and talked about teams going "off the road" and what a process should do to address this concern. We recorded the chat and have put it up as a sort of podcast. We hope you enjoy it, and request your help.

The Podcast

The xp list has been talking about the extent to which a process like XP needs to protect teams “doing” the process from failure. Some interesting ideas came up, and we plan to write about them in the near future. So when we had our standard meeting Friday, Chet and I talked about the topic, and recorded our chat.

We used a program called Audacity, a y-connector into Chet’s laptop, and two earphone / microphone deals. The mics were of different models, which probably accounts for differences in our vocal volume and quality.

Here’s the podcast file. Please email me directly with any comments, questions, technical advice, whatever. We’re very interested in whether these things would be of interest, and what could make them better and of more value to you. Please mail to ronjeffries at acm dot org, and include the string [ron] as part of the title, to be sure of getting through my spam filters.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this first attempt.