Here’s a quick list of ENVY guidelines:

  • Always work under the name of one of the two people presently pairing. If you are logged in as someone else, everyone will have trouble sorting out where your code is.
  • Version frequently. Always version at end of day, to make it easier to bring the code up tomorrow. Don’t count on saving the image: you might be working at another machine tomorrow, or someone else might take over because you don’t come in.
  • Begin each version name with your initials: rej.231, rch.232, etc. Optionally use the initials of both team members.
  • Use specialized version names sparingly, when major changes have been put into a broad-ranging number of classes: Part>>posPart.103, Bin>>posPart.106, Station>>posPart.254.
  • Use frequent releases.
  • Load the config frequently. Load it at least daily. Ideally, load it before beginning any updating task that will lead to versioning or release. Your work will go more easily if you are running and testing on current code.