Chet Hendrickson and I have offered to help the Scrum Alliance build a broad and growing base of information relating to Scrum / Agile, and to the many skills and practices that can help teams be successful. Our offer has been accepted and we’re enthusiastic about getting started. The project will build on as many sources of ideas and practice as we can round up – including you!

The Scrum Alliance was the main supporter of the Agile Skills Project, and we’ll certainly be building on that model. We have also been behind the Alliance’s recent inviting of articles from Agile- / Lean- / Craft-focused experts. This is just a beginning.

The Agile Skills Project identified seven “pillars” of skill: Business Value, Collaboration, Confidence, Product, Self Improvement, Supportive Culture, and Technical Excellence. We’re not sure these are the right seven, or even whether seven is the right number. What we are sure of is that there are many many skills that organizations, teams, and individuals can bring to bear on making Scrum and Agile projects successful. We hope to provide an overview of these, a roadmap through them, detailed information within this project, and pointers to outside sources and experts.

The scope of what we “might” do is of course immense. We will be doing our best to keep our backlog public, as well as our criteria for ordering it. We will be clear about which items are being worked on, and which ones are not. Our purpose will be to deliver value quickly, and to build a space within which growth can continue indefinitely, as our community understanding grows and changes.

As long-term Agilists, XPers, and Certified Scrum Trainers, plus a bit of Certified Curmudgeon, we will be trying to bring a combination of independence and Scrum expertise to this enterprise. If you think we lack something in independence or expertise, we sincerely solicit your help. We would like this growing information resource to be of real value to the “world of work”. As such, if you would like to help by writing, by editing, by commenting, or in any other way, we welcome your help. We see ourselves as curators and editors, not as prophets or definers of what is good and what is bad.

We’re just getting started. We need to create our backlog, get it published somewhere, and to begin to find our way through the items, figuring out how to get them done.  As soon as possible, we’ll be getting sites set up where you can help. We might use the Agile Skills Project site, or someplace new. Meanwhile you can write to me at ronjeffries at acm dot org, or comment here. We’ll be much more grateful for concrete help, but welcome all advice and positive-going ideas.

Again: we’re just getting started. Right now, it’s just us, and we have about a week a month to put into the effort. We’ll try our best to be open and transparent and to be delivering value rapidly. Call us on it if we’re not. And help us if you can.