This idea came up while Chet and I were discussing politician’s answers to questions, which seem often to have nothing to do with the original question.

*Q: Senator, what is your position on launching a pre-emptive attack against Georgia? *

*A: The protection of this great nation is my highest priority. *

Q: Yes, but what about an attack on Georgia?

A: My opponent’s views on the economy are retrograde and misinformed.

Whenever we’re just going along and suddenly we see a duck, it is mandatory to say “Oh, look, a duck!”. This is well-known. Even though it derails the conversation, we just have to do it.

So if we were to carry a throw-down duck, when the going got tough, we could throw down our duck and say “Oh, look, a duck!”

I hope this idea is useful to you and I look forward to seeing a lot of ducks at the next conference.