Here are just a few of the unsolicited favorable comments I’ve received about ‘The Nature of Software Development’. Some drawings included.

From time to time I receive a bit of praise for The Nature of Software Development. In a generous spirit of sharing, I’ll put a few of the more nearly printable ones here, for your interest and delectation. Do feel free to acquire your own copies of the book. I recommend the paper version, or a color reader, as the drawings are in color.

I’ve used pseudonyms, as most of these are quoted without permission. Without further ado:

Thoughts about The Nature of Software Development


It just fits. I love to sit in the sun with it.
– Miss Kitty


Jeffries needed a special layout for the book. I nearly had to jump through my own [hoop] to give him what he needed.
– Dave Something

jkate steering

The book has often steered me in the right direction.
– K. Oneal


I can’t believe Jeffries drew all these pictures himself. Does he know no artists?
– A. Kritiq


Jeffries can even make a wall seem to have a personality.
– Nemo, Cpt., Retired


Each drawing is fraught with meaning and deserves reflection. Truly significant and in harmony with the words.
– “Earl”


The book took me to the heights of pleasure. I can still feel myself there on the mountain, with a clear view, for the first time, of the entire panoply of software concepts, illuminated with unparalleled clarity …
(remarks shortened due to space considerations)
– Samuel F. B. Prolix


The thoughts on estimation are right up my alley. The book would be worth it for these alone! – No S. Timates


The book’s attention to detail is evident everywhere. The remarks on pressure are just one favorite example. – R. Boyle


The focus on team togetherness is almost demonically clear and consistent.
– Father Damien Karras