Contact: email ronjeffries at acm dot org or on mastodon . I no longer use Xitter.

This site is free for everyone to read, and I hope it’s worth at least twice that. I plan to keep this material free. However, if you appreciate what I do, you might wish to support my work. Here are some ideas:

I’ve turned off the Ko-Fi thing and while other links might find me, if you want to give away the cost of a coffee or a BMW, please give it to a worthy cause, and drop me a note saying you did it. Well, regarding the BMW, check with me, I might reconsider … otherwise the note will be fine.

Please consider purchasing a copy, or a few hundred copies, of my book The Nature of Software Development. And please, if you can, purchase from the Pragmatic Bookshelf. Why? Because the book is deeply discounted on Amazon and other resellers, and I get a only fraction of the royalty I get from Prag. Pardon my venality, but this is the Support page, after all. Unfortunately, Prag no longer stocks the paper version, but you can get it from Amazon. The many pictures are in color, so paper, or a color reader, are recommended.

Or, hey, just drop me a note saying thanks, or toot at me. The best support is to make me feel good about what I do.

Seriously, though, if you value what I do enough to read it from time to time, I’m certainly grateful. Thanks!