An open letter to,, and the Scrum Community at large:

People and organizations are swimming in the river of life and business, hoping to survive and to thrive.

People make decisions, trying to do well, and succeeding more or less well, depending on their decisions and many other factors.

The point of Scrum is to enable them to do better, by seeing their situation better, and making better decisions thereby.

Scrum, of course, is a team framework, aimed at helping the team … and the organization it’s part of.

In practice, some Scrum teams do well, some sort of munch along, and some do quite poorly.

We know exactly why teams don’t thrive: They’re doing it wrong.

And yes, they really are. But why? And how can we make it better?

There are a million ScrumMasters! They can’t all be doing it wrong …

But some number … probably many … are having serious difficulties:

How many? And why?,, and the Scrum Community do not know how many, nor why. They should know, and should be working to make it better.

I’m calling on them to get very much more active in cultivating this garden they have planted.