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I found a way to damage a Surface, given a Mask. I don't exactly like it, but it works. Now what?

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(Sep 27, 2023)
I found a way to damage a Surface, given a Mask. I don't exactly like it, but it works. Now what?
(Sep 26, 2023)
Yeah, let's do the bottom line. Might be just the right size for the afternoon.
(Sep 25, 2023)
I think there are very few things left to do with Invaders. One of them is scoring.
(Sep 24, 2023)
More waffles, about the tensions between design alternatives for the Flyers. What if we were to open the doors as widely as possible? I think this is my last waffle on this topic. I like the outcome. Today.
(Sep 23, 2023)
I gave abstract method a chance, for almost 24 hours. I hated changing all my classes to implement all those pass methods. Let's try a different dispatch. Waffles?
(Sep 22, 2023)
Now that we have this metaclass, and now that we have this decorator, what shall we do? The answer may surprise you.
(Sep 20, 2023)
Let me explain. No, it is too much. Let me sum up.
python ]
(Sep 19, 2023)
We continue learning decorators using tests. Our simple decorator doesn't handle parameters in the wrapped function. Lets figure out how to do that.
(Sep 18, 2023)
Never heard of him. Let's learn about decorators, using tests.
(Sep 18, 2023)
The Python "decorator" is less bizarre than metaclasses and might be just the thing for our needs. Let's try one.
(Sep 17, 2023)
There are surely ways to provide my `ignore` feature without using metaclasses. I can think of one. Maybe it will help me think of another.
(Sep 16, 2023)
Having found a way that I think will work, I'll try again today to install the 'ignore' capability. Hamsters. And success!
(Sep 15, 2023)
Today, I plan to install the new metaclass with the `ignore` feature. Result: Bears discovered deep in the bag of tricks. They bite. Later: I know what caused it.
(Sep 13, 2023)
Today, in the spirit of meta, I work on a metaclass for ignoring methods. I start on Wednesday and finish on Thursday. It's scary weird.
(Sep 13, 2023)
What shall we do today, Brain? The same thing we do every day, Ron. Find something interesting to do. Things get very meta ...
(Sep 12, 2023)
The Invaders team has encountered a troubling issue, and have been making some troubling decisions. We need to explore this and deal with it at its root. Spoiler: It's not the programmers. People over process.
(Sep 11, 2023)
Why do we work as we do? How might we improve? We look back at our process and practices in the large. We accidentally invent "Agile".
(Sep 10, 2023)
Let's do ReservePlayer. It has essentially no behavior. We'll TDD it anyway, and will be glad we did.
(Sep 9, 2023)
Thinking about how we'll replace a destroyed player has led me to a strange idea. Perhaps too strange, yet fascinating.
(Sep 8, 2023)
The words "time capsule" popped into my head last night. Have I told you my favorite thing about this program's design?