(Sep 27, 2022)
It seems to your faithful author that we've done nearly all we can with the Gilded Rose. We'll take a final look. Or maybe not final. Who knows?
(Sep 26, 2022)
I want to try another approach to the product-type lookup. I have to try it to see if I like it.
(Sep 26, 2022)
We'd like a better way of getting from an items name to its type. We'd like it to be bullet-proof, but not difficult to manage.
(Sep 25, 2022)
I was glancing at yesterday's article last night, and noticed some truly odd code that IDEA generated for me. We'll start there, and I have some improvements in mind.
(Sep 24, 2022)
We are supposed to implement a new feature in the Gilded Rose program. Let's do that ... and let's take a look at where we are ... and where we might go. (Final: We go somewhere rather nice!)
(Sep 23, 2022)
The point of a kata is that we do it again and again, practicing to get better. This isn't really a kata, but it's somewhat like one. (Outcome: Two points to GeePaw.) (UPDATE: Not a bug! Woot!)
(Sep 23, 2022)
I do some microtests. Didn't even take an hour, including writing.
(Sep 22, 2022)
Let's see if we can wring a bit more out of refactoring the Gilded Rose. (Some wiggling back and forth to slightly better code.)
(Sep 22, 2022)
Continuing the long refactoring from the previous article.
(Sep 21, 2022)
One course seems obviously better. I shall choose the other.
(Sep 21, 2022)
Articles 76 and 77 are a long, tiny-step refactoring. Here, we'll preview where we started and where we wind up.
(Sep 21, 2022)
Yesterday the FGNO / Zoom Ensemble played with the Gilded Rose. This morning we'll look at it here.
(May 5, 2020)
The Gilded Rose 'kata' exists in many languages, but I've not seen Codea Lua. Maybe I should fix that bug. This is pretty boring. Skim, don't read. Needed for the record.
(May 2, 2020)
Some final thoughts on the Gilded Rose exercise. Well, final for now ...
(Apr 30, 2020)
To round out a dozen, we simplify things a lot. Too much? What do you think?
(Apr 29, 2020)
Experiment with lambda.
(Apr 28, 2020)
Today I think I'll double-check that double-decrement issue. Then I want to see if we can combine those two parallel if nests.
(Apr 27, 2020)
Some really nice progress today ... and one open question.
(Apr 25, 2020)
Dave Nicolette mentioned on Twitter that he was wondering whether a Mob Programming Gilded Rose kata, using Arlo Belshee's 'Read by Refactoring' would make a good video. That gave me an idea.
(Apr 24, 2020)
We're on a path more like re-implementing the program than refactoring it. That's a concern. Can we do better?
(Apr 22, 2020)
Today I plan to move the Conjured item code to the new scheme, and see what that tells me. Something will probably go wrong.
(Apr 21, 2020)
It's noon on Tuesday. I've whiled away the morning. Let's try to make a bit more progress on this code.
(Apr 20, 2020)
Monday, Monday ...
(Apr 18, 2020)
Are we doing it right? Are we in trouble already?
(Apr 17, 2020)
It's April 17th. It's snowing. We're on lockdown. Let's look at Gilded Rose and see what we might do that would be interesting.
(Apr 16, 2020)
Chet, Amitai Schleier, and I played with the Gilded Rose exercise the other day. I think I'll write about it a bit, starting from scratch. [edited]