(Mar 19, 2023)
Let's see if we can get this thing to cycle around on the screen. I think it's in hand now. (Didn't work, stopped in middle.)
(Mar 19, 2023)
I typed in some code with one finger, iPad on my lap last night. Here's a report on how nicely it turned out.
(Mar 19, 2023)
I think that this morning I'll make the little circle drive around the big one. I could be wrong. (Added in Post: We get a test to run, but don't get to the drawing.)
(Mar 17, 2023)
Now for Something Completely Different: A Codea Lua experiment for Hill.
(Feb 27, 2022)
In which: Our intrepid author attempts to find some use for the FP library he has been toiling on for over four hours.
(Feb 26, 2022)
Today, for your delectation, I offer: the Library Trap! (Update: I looked at XSet2.)
(Feb 25, 2022)
Let's see if we can find a decent way to provide filter, map, reduce functions in Codea Lua.
(May 27, 2016)
Over the past few days, an ancient twitter thread accidentally revived, talking about how you don't need quality code when you're just validating assumptions. What do the ants have to say about that?
(May 24, 2016)
Tozier and I did a little work on the ants experiment. Lessons are beginning to be learned.
(May 17, 2016)
Tozier posed an interesting problem today, and we decided to work on it at the coffee shop.
(Apr 21, 2016)
I found this picture of a roulette wheel. I wonder how hard it would be to make my little game use it.
(Apr 20, 2016)
Let's finish wiring up our second pass at Jim Jeffries' roulette example, and see what we can see.
(Apr 19, 2016)
I felt I owed it to myself to do Jim Jeffries' roulette exercise, this time with more tests. You won't believe what happened next. (Sorry, I have a click-bait virus.)
(Apr 18, 2016)
Jim Jeffries (no relation) proposed a TDD exercise / challenge. I took it on. The results may surprise you. (Sorry.)
(Sep 5, 2012)
It's time to tell you a bit about the point of this little game we're working in.
(Aug 25, 2012)
I'm starting to work on an application in Codea, a Lua system for the iPad. Here's the first spike.
(Feb 21, 2011)
I did a bit more refinement on the Lua bowling example from last time. First, I package the rolls. Then a Frame appears!
(Feb 21, 2011)
I've downloaded the iLuaBox app for my iPad. This is a small but robust implementation of core Lua. Very interesting!
(Feb 21, 2011)
A twitter pal has been working on bowling with a frame display notion, like at the bowling alley. Hmm ...