(Jul 19, 2024)
I thought that I had made a misteak, but now I think I was wrong. I refactor to very small methods. Too far? Not for me, what about you?
(Jul 18, 2024)
Well, naked pairs, still, but I've used up that title. Brother Bill raises a question. I think we're OK. Let's try to implement the idea, whatever it is. Result: it goes very nicely.
(Jul 17, 2024)
Still not as interesting as it sounds, but this morning I plan to hunt down some naked pairs. I foresee some issues. And what about that pending issue from yesterday? Results: a bit long, but some shape emerges.
(Jul 16, 2024)
I've found some Python code for Sudoku techniques. I do not like it. But it'll be useful, I reckon, even though we aren't likely to copy it.
(Jul 15, 2024)
Reflection on how things are going makes me think we need to change direction a bit. Can we manage it without rewriting a lot of code? Can we keep all or most of our existing test working? Let's find out.
(Jul 14, 2024)
We already know of one more 'smart' technique that we might apply, but it seems a bit tricky. And how can we provide a 'menu' of techniques to be applied? Is this Big Design Up Front?
(Jul 13, 2024)
Let's fix that reminder test and set up to allow us to select techniques. A bit of progress, and raggedness tells me I need a break. It's artificial, it's intelligent, and it's not AI.
(Jul 13, 2024)
Let's try to put some intelligence up in this thing. Not artificial, mind you, though it will involve code. Spoiler: Works well and we learn a bit.
(Jul 12, 2024)
Tomas provides a clue. Whatever might we do with it? Ideas, experiments, and a decision not to go ahead with the ideas ... yet.
(Jul 11, 2024)
This thing just keeps on giving. I want to check something out. Result surprises me and I'll need to do some more thinking. Got good ideas? Let me know!
(Jul 10, 2024)
Is this a game of Sudoku, or a game of Columbo? I keep finding things to do! Fewer classes, a bit more clear ... but a few more lines of code.
(Jul 9, 2024)
It has been a while since I looked at the Sudoku code. I don't have anything in mind for it, but let's see what we can find just by looking.
(Jul 4, 2024)
I've thought of an object that we probably need. Let's find out. Result: A very pleasant refactoring sequence leading to a design that I prefer. Click to find out why.
(Jul 3, 2024)
What does all this have to do with real programming? We'll begin with last night's FGNO and go wild from there. We mention Iceland, and the age of the universe. Onions. Easter eggs.
(Jul 2, 2024)
I've come up with something that I think will be much nicer for computing the base positions from which to fetch our rows, columns, and sub-grids. A little refactoring does improve things, I think.
(Jul 1, 2024)
Let's review the code and the "project", to see what, if anything, we can conclude.
(Jun 30, 2024)
My theory is that once the sub-grid calculation is added to the Puzzle, we should be able to solve a 9x9. Let's find out.
(Jun 29, 2024)
The trivial test for my initial solver sketch passed. Will it hold up? Let's find out.
(Jun 28, 2024)
If the code agrees with me, I think I'd like to sketch a tiny solver this morning. Let's see if that's feasible. (Spoiler: It is.)
(Jun 26, 2024)
Let's see about getting the column, row and sub-grid for a given array index.
(Jun 26, 2024)
We spoke of Sudoku at FGNO, and my 'failure' with it, and with me, apparently, the failure of TDD, Extreme Programming and all of Computer Science.
(Jan 17, 2022)
I wasn't really planning to write about Sudoku again, but here we are.
(Jul 13, 2006)
The code is beginning to ask for some help. We're processing a simple array of cells instead of an object, and the classes don't feel cohesive. Let's push some methods off to new classes and see what happens.
(Jul 8, 2006)
A little more explanation of what I'm up to, and a test of a method that actually figures out what could go in a cell. Whee!
(Jul 7, 2006)
A number of people on the tdd list have reported having a lot of fun TDD programming the game of Sudoku. I've not played the game, though of course I've tripped over the piles of books in the bookstores and at the airport. But discussion of the thing makes it sound like it might be fun to TDD on it, as people are saying. Let's get started.
(Jun 11, 2006)
The program reached an impossible state during the first test of the algorithm that I turned loose. I thought I had made a mistake, but it turned out I had not. Well, not a coding mistake.