(Jan 17, 2022)
I wasn't really planning to write about Sudoku again, but here we are.
(Jul 13, 2006)
The code is beginning to ask for some help. We're processing a simple array of cells instead of an object, and the classes don't feel cohesive. Let's push some methods off to new classes and see what happens.
(Jul 8, 2006)
A little more explanation of what I'm up to, and a test of a method that actually figures out what could go in a cell. Whee!
(Jul 7, 2006)
A number of people on the tdd list have reported having a lot of fun TDD programming the game of Sudoku. I've not played the game, though of course I've tripped over the piles of books in the bookstores and at the airport. But discussion of the thing makes it sound like it might be fun to TDD on it, as people are saying. Let's get started.
(Jun 11, 2006)
The program reached an impossible state during the first test of the algorithm that I turned loose. I thought I had made a mistake, but it turned out I had not. Well, not a coding mistake.