As you may have noticed in the "XProgNew" articles, I'm moving the XProgramming site from WordPress to a static site. The main reason for this is to get it under control for a few more years,and out from under the WordPress update cycle and the legacy WP scripting that makes it what it is.

I also own The plan is to move all the content from here to there, then to begin to redirect from here to there, and finally to point directly there.

This will happen incrementally, and this site will not disappear any time soon. New material is already appearing on, however.

We anticipate that existing article links from here will ultimately work there, at least if they work here now. There are, unfortunately, some things that have already been lost or mislaid over the years and versions of this site. Some of these articles will likely re-appear, since they'll be in the WordPress export even if you can't find a link to them.

Except for this one, which I'm sticking to the top of the page, new articles will appear on, and not here. I'll be grateful if you'll watch it for new material. There's already an interesting series on the Diamond Problem (or Diamond Kata), and other articles as well.

The site is evolving in content and style, as we learn what works and what we like. It will benefit from your feedback via email and if you can begin to link to it, that will help as well.

Thanks ... see you there as well as here!