(Aug 2, 2022)
After more than a little hassle, my colleagues and I have a Kotlin shell that we can pass around. Today, for fun, I'm going to try to write some tests and code.
(Jul 26, 2022)
There is a sticky note on my desk needing attention. Let's attend to it. I have a small concern. Also: smaller steps pay off.
(Jul 24, 2022)
I wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing. Meanwhile, requirements changes to the robot's radar result in some design issues.
(Jul 23, 2022)
I've decided to deviate from the spec to make my work with this example more interesting (to me). I anticipate no real difficulty with this extensive set of changes.
(Jul 22, 2022)
Today I have to find a way to do it right ... and light. How little can I do while still improving the code?
(Jul 21, 2022)
I think we need to improve the map display a bit. We'll spike, and that's going to prove a point that I made yesterday, I hope. Or disprove, in which case we can laugh at me hahaha.
(Jul 20, 2022)
My Customer (me) wants the radar screen rotated to forward = up. The developers (me) are happy to oblige. P.S. Came back later for the thrilling conclusion.
(Jul 19, 2022)
Maybe we need a bit of console display. And I'm sure we'll find some code to improve. Foraging, basically.
(Jul 18, 2022)
Let's not allow movement into obstacles, and maybe penalize moving into pits.
(Jul 18, 2022)
I found a little something. And some other somethings.
(Jul 18, 2022)
I have an idea for something that might be better. But that's not my reason for being here. (And should all ojbects be written for their own convenience? Yes, and ...)
(Jul 17, 2022)
Let's slide in the remaining callbacks, and see what else we can see before brekkers.
(Jul 16, 2022)
My Inner Eddie says we may be in big trouble. Let's find out. ClickBait: Absurd claim at the end.
(Jul 11, 2022)
Let's see if we can get the new connection object to run as if it were on a thread, even though we don't have threads. That should be amusing.
(Jul 10, 2022)
More on TCP/IP. A realization that might have come sooner, but today's OK too.
(Jul 9, 2022)
I've been trying for days to get a decent TCP/IP socket connection working on the iPad, apparently for my sins. So far, I've failed miserably. Today, Saturday, another try.
(Jul 5, 2022)
More on server code. I have an idea. Should I try it? Answer: no.
(Jul 4, 2022)
I think we have only one hard problem remaining. Let's see what we can do about that. MORAL: Don't be like Ron's brother's brother.
(Jul 3, 2022)
Well, I don't know. A bit more on motion. Maybe a start on scan/look? Oh and a better look for the robot?
(Jul 2, 2022)
Let's turn around and go backward, and see whether we begin to see some improvements to how we do these things. RELEARNING: I need smaller steps.
(Jul 1, 2022)
More on Request-Response. Maybe some little objects?
(Jun 30, 2022)
Moving toward standard request-response. Seems about time. But Never would be better. ALSO: A very brief introduction to industry standards of completeness.
(Jun 29, 2022)
I've made a mistake. Or I'm about to make one. Or both. Certainly not neither.
(Jun 28, 2022)
Today we work further toward accommodating the 'spec'. I think we'll focus on the robot status. I think I may rediscover why something is a good idea.
(Jun 27, 2022)
We need to make the robot-world communication a bit more like the spec, and a bit more like client-server. Then we can make more progress. ERRATUM Near the end.
(Jun 26, 2022)
More on the JSON connection. I think I see something symmetric, if not actually easy.
(Jun 25, 2022)
The spec requires us to communicate using JSON. It's time to get started with that. As I type this I wonder something ...
(Jun 24, 2022)
TCP. I think I know what I did wrong yesterday. If I can make this work, it'll help me TDD the server's main loop. Bonus: Kitty!
(Jun 23, 2022)
Let's try more than one connection. Do I need coroutines? Let's try without. LEARNING: I seem not to be able to have multiple connections within this one program.
(Jun 23, 2022)
I'm spiking TCP. Not writing the article as I go. Instead, I'll record bits of progress and what I may have learned.
(Jun 21, 2022)
OK, sockets. At least for a little while. And a conversation with myself. No, I'm OK, really. And thanks to Dave1707.
(Jun 20, 2022)
Let's start by talking about design. Software design. I definitely don't know anything about any other kinds. Interesting thoughts interwoven with vague mumblings.
(Jun 19, 2022)
Let's review some code.
(Jun 18, 2022)
Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Been down so long, it looks like up to me. Summary: Much better.
(Jun 17, 2022)
Let's see about helping the robot understand the new 'look' tables. I feel sure that I'm going to want an object up in this thing. The outcome may surprise you.
(Jun 17, 2022)
Today's demo day. We're good to go, but I think we can do better. Anyway, gotta do somethin'. Anti-Spoiler: I decide not to spoil the code for the sake of maybe a feature.
(Jun 16, 2022)
Rotation Matrices? Why not, might be better. Let's spike. Warning, this is gonna get a tiny bit mathematical.
(Jun 16, 2022)
Awakened by a strong rainstorm, I decided to get up and watch it. I'll code a bit while I do. I'll try to think before, during, and after coding.
(Jun 15, 2022)
So many good ideas. But we need to ship it. We'll talk about that—and get ready to do it! UPDATE: Walking skeleton works!
(Jun 14, 2022)
I think we're ready to draw something. How can we make the drawing more testable? I have a p-baked idea, for small p.
(Jun 13, 2022)
First we do a Lens. Then an amazingly smooth, very long, step by step refactoring. I'm proud of this one!
(Jun 12, 2022)
I have a bit more time and an urge to do some code improvement. Let's see what we can do to make all this a bit easier.
(Jun 12, 2022)
A bit of musing about the world, a bit of planning, a bit of coding. It's Sunday, so this will probably be short.
(Jun 11, 2022)
Working toward a 'walking skeleton'. I think I know what I'd like it to be.
(Jun 10, 2022)
What do skeletons have to do with robots? Could there be more than one skeleton?
(Jun 9, 2022)
Day 2. I did watch a couple of GeePaw's videos. Good news. Thinking ensues. Concerned about Knowledge.
(Jun 8, 2022)
Tuesday night's Friday Night Coding Zoom has hooked me. This is the beginning of the result of that hook.