(Aug 24, 2019)
Kate chats with people at the KALE Society meetup. They discuss some small issues and then one big one. Test Doubles come up. Darts are thrown.
(Aug 26, 2015)
Kate and Dan estimate a new project. Or do they?
(Apr 11, 2015)
Kate Oneal chats about testing with the Ann Arbor KALe Society.
(Mar 5, 2014)
Kate's Gang chat about estimates, time, and cost.
(Oct 29, 2011)
Kate gives Dan Devlin, the company owner, an overview of Scrum.
(Jun 9, 2011)
Kate met Dan Devlin at the coffee shop on Main Street where he had originally recruited her. They shared the lovely weather and caught up to date on their lives. But Dan had a question.
(Oct 22, 2010)
Kate's team has noticed that their burn down chart shows trouble. The chart is right.
(Jun 10, 2010)
Susan said, “I can’t do it, Kate. No one could do it. There’s too much to do.” Kate paused until Susan seemed more steady. Then she said “Exactly. And that’s how we get done on time.”
(Jan 4, 2010)
After a failed iteration, the team regroups with a few new stories.
(Jan 4, 2010)
The team has fallen far short in the most recent iteration. What should they do?
(Jun 19, 2009)
Susan Prior drops in on Kate to talk about some new products she would like developed.
(Apr 25, 2008)
MUCH LATER: Organizations certainly need good productivity. Sometimes they ask for improved productivity, and a way to show that we have improved. Is this always evil?
(Apr 24, 2008)
Carl is concerned about small releases, and catches Kate in the coffee room. They talk about why small releases matter to Kate, and they both learn a bit.
(Mar 28, 2008)
After Dan Devlin, President of Oak River Software, dropped in on her at the coffee shop, Kate agreed to consider helping with the proposed new Empire project. Empire was life or death for Oak River. Without Empire, they'd go under, and Dan couldn't afford to fund it.
(Mar 1, 2008)
"Kate" puts a word in about how things really got started, and promises to come back and sort Ron out if he needs it.